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The kitchen & bath are the most essential rooms in your home. You want these spaces to be comfortable and welcoming while reflecting the needs of your lifestyle and personality. From choosing a designer to picking out colors, the NKBA is your source for design ideas, expert remodeling tips, and advice.


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Amish Wood Milk ... 100 Year Old Formula

Dutch Glow is a century old furniture polish that was created to clean, polish, and nourish wood. Reveal wood's natural beauty and remove years of wax build up. Don't ruin your furniture with past wax or silicone sprays.

Hard Water? - Try ScaleSafe Water Softner

Used in the commercial water treatment industry for over 25 years to eliminate mineral buildup and corrosion. Our NSF-approved technology can now be used to protect your a fraction of the cost of other water treatment systems.

Stream Clean - The Stand-Up Way to Blast Pet Stains & Odors Away

Just point and stream, and your carpet gets clean. Stream Clean penetrates stains and odors so that pets don't re-mark and re-spray, going deep with enzyme action to eliminate all traces of the mess. Don't let nasty stains ruin the look of your carpet.

Entertaining Way For Kids To Learn The Bible

Family Bible Films is the entertaining way for kids to learn stories of the Bible. Your children will enjoy watching animated friends as they go on adventures to learn stories of the bible. Help your child understand the Bible, and how it is relevant to their everyday lives. Free DVD + Bonus + S&H.



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